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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Jing Experiences Racisim on the Internet!

As you all are aware, I often research upcoming events, news and other attractions, good and bad that are in society, or the "media" I have recently come across a website called

I have found it to be interesting and have found one particular article that has cought my attention, which is also the subject of the posted picture.

Please be aware, all comments posted here have been reposted from AND ARE THE SOLE OPINIONS of the authors. No parts of these posting have been edited in any way by M. Joseph Miller II. or his representatives or affiliates and are reposted in whole. In no way does the reposting of these comments and statements suggest agreement, acceptance or objections to the issue or their opinions.

Warning, some comments may be racist and or defamatory.


Author: Bronze Breeze

Comment:Stormfront Aryan you are the typical European megalomaniac, nothing wrong to prefer your own people over Asians, but you can be rest assured that your own so called white women would not necessarily agree with you. I am African living in the UK for over 20yrs. Now it matters little whether you agree with the point I am about to stress: Your European women literally throws themselves at the foot of us so called black me, they love it, and it's not just for the fact that we aren't no BUGf**kers, we are real and complete men. You have a problem with our race because we are the only one so far that can kick your pale reddish-pink ass. As for your type dating our bronze skin women, ha! a sister once remarked: " I understand having pink dolls, however the thought of having a pinkish colored man on top of me is a revulsion" You idiots aren't proud of the colour God made you as, sometimes you are more reddish than pink and at other times you are more pinkish than red yet you claiming to be white! You do not even know your own true colour yet you attempt to define the color of others. You stupid calls my bronze skin black, that doesn't bother I am proud of my skin colour any day! it reminds me of nourishment, of fertility, of the richness of the rich soil, of agility and strenght.......Oh yes! all the qualities you lack!....Yes the strong bronze man...Whilst you are blinded with envy and refuse to see us for what we truly are, your women comes alive with excitement even when they spot us from the distance. I’d still hold Japanese and Chinese above blacks anyday. I almost sympathize with their plight because of these negroes coming over to their countries. You claim to have a friend in Japan who’s told you some pretty bad stories about how Nigerians come over, impregnate Japanese girls, then get their visas to stay in the country and sell drugs.....He he he here you come again...Blaming others for your problems....why not your people stop consuming 90% of the worlds hard drugs production.....that will solve your drug problems. By the way that Japanese friend of yours....he/she's not by any chance from Hiroshima or Nagasaki or suffering from the effect of radioactive fallout? You claim we spread AIDS, violence, drug trafficking, and crime wherever you go... Really? be informed little hitler the generic term for most of these diseases in Africa is called the 'White man' diseases, this is because you name it from Syphilis to Gonorrhea, Small pox to WhatNot pox they brought it to the Continent. Their terrible tragedy made our people not immune against these strange diseases die like flies. Read some books this is recorded history. You say black men commit fifty percent of all violent crimes and robberies and 35 percent of all rapes..Just what planet have you retard flew in from? When a rape or a gruesome murder is carried out in your country (And I'm aware you are American) the profile the law enforcment agensies firt put out is that of a psychopathic white male. The study of the psychopath reveals an individual who is incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for their actions. They are generally cunning, manipulative and know the difference between right and wrong but dismiss it as applying to them.They are often the serial killers/rapist, incapable of normal emotions. Generally, they react without considering the consequences of their actions and of course just as we have witnessed in your case, they show extreme egocentric and narcissistic behavior.You stated that you originally thought the East Asians were smart enough not to embrace such multiculturalist bullshit but that you were wrong. Oh well, soon all of China, Korea, and Japan will find out how big of a curse you and your race have been to Humanity and not us people of African descent. We Africans did not start the wars that wiped out virtually all but a hand few of the thousands of European tribes through sheer barbarity on a scale never seen before and never shall be seen again. Africans did not start nor contributed in any way to the 100 year of barbarities between France and England in the name of the 'crown', we did not ship over 100 million of our African people to the west into a life of slavery, we did not annihilate the entire population of the 'red' Indians from the Americas and the Caribbean, we did not completely wipe out the wildlife in that part of the world, neither did we inflict tears, sorrows and death upon most of the worlds population in our quest to conquer, subjugate and annihilate the indigenes, thus seizing their lands and resources solely driven by greed and the savage thirst for blood. The blood of the Aboriginals of Australia still cries out to God for mercy out of a desire to relieve the sufferings of their past, present and future. Oh the over six million Jews burnt in the death camps of your European civilization, the over 50 million death on Europe's war theaters of the European war (So called world war II), the tens of million who perished less than twenty years before in Europe's World War I, Africans or the people of African descent had no contributions to all those. Ah ah! The Rape of Nanking, the Frying Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the crisis in Palestine, the wars of French and American Vietnam, the Korea wars, the Cold war and the amassing of weapons for mutually assured destruction not one of these despicable atrocities can be attributed to our people. Let's take a look at recent history, the military attacks against Syria, Iran, Grenada, Libya, the Sudan, Iraq and the list goes on and on, these are not the handy work of Africans or Africa's descent. So Stormfront your views are morally reprehensible; they are vile and only fit for the consumption of empty headed just like yourself.


HK says:

Tiger Woods is black / Thai. Kimora Lee Simmons is black / Japanese and was modeled for Chanel in Paris. Tyson, the male model, is black / Chinese.
Since when was it “common knowledge” that Asians and blacks make “gross” babies?
I was at a conference overseas and some (embarrassing) fellow Chinese kept standing up to condemn American “hegemony.” Had no idea what the h*ll she was talking about.
Americans have long embraced difference. It’s the Chinese who insist that everyone is the same! One race, one country, one Party…
I hope these comments are from crazies on the fringes of society, and that the average mainlander is not this ignorant and racist.

A response by Lou Jing on KDS:

I am DragonTV Angel Lou Jing, and here I make a statement!

My father is American, not African.
I am a born and bred Shanghainese person.
I should not have to bear my parents’ mistake, I am innocent!
Sternly but strongly protest some people’s racism, my skin color should not become a target of attack!

I reserve the right to take legal action!

Lou Jing

whatever says:

Racist? The chinese didn’t import blacks to the new world like herd animals. They didn’t break the front teeth of black slaves to force feed them liquid and keep them from suicide. The chinese didn’t exterminate the native americans in both North and South America, and practically the aboriginals in Aussie. The chinese didn’t rape, pilfer and burn the non-western world in their quest for domination and natural resources. Having built the railroads and mined for minerals, the western and aussie countries then expelled the chinese and signed chinese specific exclusion laws. If the chinese are racist, then I guess it takes one to know one.
The mother is a tramp period. What else do you call women who has an affair. The father is a lowlife scumbag. I wouldn’t have any beef with the daughter, her being born is not her fault. However, it is my beef when she uses her blackness to get notoriety. If you’re going to play that game, then don’t be surprised if you get burnt from the other side of the coin.
And all this PC black love in the western world is just the current hollywood/media fad flavor of the day. Of course, hollywood and the media runs a massive trade in racism and ignorance.
Author: Pradish
Comment:Hahaha, niggers are a funny ape-like people who act like they're so strong and brave when they abandon their children and kill each other in gang wars almost every day. I am an Indian living in America and I have seen your behavior everyday. You dirty the streets and come into gas stations, threatening and harassing Indian, Arab, and Pakistani gas station owners. Who can blame the Chinese or anyone else hating you, hahaha. Your young black thugs and welfare mothers with five children aside, even Gandhi himself, the international man of peace, hated blacks and thought of you as the dirty kaffirs you are. One of the finest men of our country correctly believed you to be inferior. He had this to say. Addressing a public meeting in Bombay on Sept. 26 1896: "Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness." And Gandhi, bless his heart, was correct. You niggers cannot carry out and create civilizations like we Indians have and it is funny to see you react with so much raw anger against anyone you think is racist. Hahahahaha, go climb on a tree now, young ones. There is much you have to learn about peeling bananas! OOK OOKA OOOOOK!
Author: Carlos
Comment:Interesting an Indian man who is Black that wants to discriminate against another Black and who for strange reasons as many Black Indians that are suffering from shyness and and a very high inferiority complex wants to elevate himself by putting down another minority, hoping that he will be accepted in the White world. Nice try guy.Why is it that so many Indian men try to bleach their dark skin and why is it that Indian men can almost never get a good looking chick?I have so many ignorant losers as yourself that would constantly cry like a little whiny bitch that some brother gets all the girls and you don't get squat. So because of this, the only thing you can do is try to put down another minority, although you are one yourself.LMFAO!! Let's not even go there and talk about what a hell hole India is. I probably wouldn't know where to start and then on top of it, it would take a century to write out all the things that are so overly fucked up with that cesspool country of yours. That is why you guys come to the states and get all the shitty 7-Eleven jobs, but I don't blame you, if I had to work at a gas station and sell Slurpies all day, "Thank you very much, please come again" I'd be hating life too. You built a civilization??? The Taj Mahal and? Stop boring people, please. Funny, trying to Quote Ghandi, amazing. Indian twerps, such as yourself, always have some chip on their shoulder, wanting and hoping for the day to come that people will think that you are white and NOT black, but that day will never come, you will always be Asian and Black, better start to get used to it, my brother. Maybe if you stop eating all that fucking curry, take a bath and learn how to dress properly, you just might get noticed some day.
Author: BleF
Comment:Wow, this girl is beautiful!! No amount of slander, hate or prejudice can change this fact. Racism I fear, is universal, however there are those amongst us who see past the stereotypes and take people at face value.
Author: Carlos
Comment:First of all Haji, I'm not your friend and second, who said, I WAS racist? I was just responding to your idiotic rant. As well, you have these make believe stereotypes about Blacks, being one ironic, something like a Negro with straight hair, but less the style and finesse.Judging by your first post, it would seem that you were the one that was whining. We already have shown the world in Sports, Entertainment, business etc. India is developing, yes, that is the word; developing, not perfect and definitely NOT superior, not by a long shot. Country? Well, to a point. People; don't make me laugh! Your women outrank Black women??? Where? What are their names? What movies? World famous?? A-list movies, music?? Ahh, perhaps in that ultra-boring dance shit you guys call Bollywood, personally, it should be called "Boringwood or Shittywood" would fit the mold better.Cellulite-filled. Hmmmm, funny, it seems like the only and I mean ONLY decent looking Indian women you see that doesn't have a stomach big enough to have its own Zip code would be on TV/ Other than that, they slouch around with that lard oozing out of the sides. How attractive, so on that point, you might be right. Yea, Indian women outrank and outweigh Black women.Again, your own inferiority complexes like you and many other Indian males that I have met are too funny. Get some style and you won't have to worry about anything. Maybe you can get a decent woman and won't need to have a constant temper tantrum. LMAO! Glory to What? How about Glory to deodorant and how about India investing in some of that. Then you have the right to say glory.Thanks, Black man!

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