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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reminders in Fashion By: M. Joseph Miller II.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

- Coco Chanel

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

James Verbicky’s New Series: Sheeple as introduced by: M. Joseph Miller II.

JoAnne Artman Gallery, Presents in the Main Gallery:James Verbicky’s New Series: Sheeple

November 1 – November 30, 2009Private Reception: Saturday, November 7th, 6-9 pmPlease RSVP: 949.510.5481 by October 31st.

JoAnne Artman Gallery

326 N. Coast Highway , Laguna Beach, 92651Contact: JoAnne ArtmanTelephone: 949-510-5481E-mail: joanneartman@aol.comWeb site: Wed-Sunday, 11-5 & by appointment; First Thursday of every month 6-9pm



Verbicky’s earlier abstractions studiously avoided referring to anything. They could evoke elements and events, and shapes in them might bristle with suggestivity, but they finally insisted on their physical and visual autonomy, claiming to represent nothing but the artist’s inner ideas and feelings. It’s only now that, without losing the intensity of those inner impulses, Verbicky allows his work to engage methods and references that push it into the realm of – well, not the familiar so much as the known. His new abstract paintings are no less abstract for their atmosphere, for their light and nuance, for their persuasive glower in black and white; whether their surfaces have been resined or left raw; whether the extravagance of brushstrokes evocation of space and time; in the final analysis, he is painting paintings, not pictures. But, whether they brim with color or that comprises each of them directs the eye into the painting or bounces it all over – Verbicky’s abstractions now breathe the same air we breathe and, dare I say it, watch the same sunsets. These paintings are not landscapes in great part because they are not places. They do not depict, and are not even dependent on, any given view of any given spot on the earth. Indeed, in the way they vary from one another in structure, light, color, and spatial evocation, they betray the fact that the painter has invented them, forging them out of the process of painting rather than out of a process of looking at something else.”

-Peter Frank

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vacheron Constantin Three Dragons Limited Edition Watches

Vacheron Constantin recently opened up a new boutique in Hong Kong. To celebrate, they have also released three new limited edition Dragon watches. There will only be nine of each of the three watches made in this highly limited edition. The dragon motifs are each hand made, involving an incredible amount of delicate work. in addition to the hand applied decoration, there is also a fair amount of guilloche machine engraving that also requires a very skilled artist to apply.

Each of the three watches is done in a different shade of gold, along with a different image of the Chinese style dragon. Vacheron Constantin is well versed in artistic watch creations such as this. The Mask collections come to mind when thinking of their talents here. Inside the watches is a manufacture made Vacheron Constantin movement, and each is attached to a high quality black alligator strap. Vacheron Constantin is serious about China, not just Hong Kong, as the country is poised to breed a new generation of watch buyers given the current economic growth there in comparison to the rest of the world. Plus, Hong Kong remains one of the most important watch market capitals of the world - so the opening of the new "Flagship Boutique" by Vacheron Constantin there makes sense. I suspect it is the only place that these watches can be acquired.

Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch review site

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Dorotheum, OH MY! - M. Joseph Miller II.

Some may never have an opportunity to enjoy life in a fashion that God has allowed me, does it take a couple of hundred thousand dollars, a few million or more? For some these glorious experiences will never come....but if your smart and ambitious you too can enjoy the luxuries of the middle class...well the Upper Middle-Class! I bring you an event that occurs every year in Europe, among many for auto enthusiests.

Dorotheum Auction at the Classic Expo, Salzburg, 17 October 2009

Dorotheum, the Vienna-based auction house established in 1707 and now the largest in Central Europe, is once again holding a sale at the Classic Expo in Salzburg, Austria. ‘Vintage Cars, Automobilia and Motorcycles’ will see 500 lots coming under the hammer on 17 October.

In the car category, an Aston Martin DB2 built in 1952 and kept in traditional British Racing Green guarantees an enthusiastic reception. When new, it was displayed at the Earls Court Motor Show and later went on to race at Goodwood. It carries an estimate of 130,000 – 140,000 euros. A light-metallic-green Triumph TR2 is another rarity. Its distinctive feature is the coupĂ© conversion, a modification which the Belgian Imperia company carried out only 22 times. Named after the Francorchamps racetrack, the coupĂ© features a top with removable Plexiglas section and a luxurious leather interior with four seats (estimate 36,000 – 42,000 euros).

Some 50 motorcycles will also be looking for new owners at this Dorotheum auction, including an NSU Konsul II (estimate 7000 – 9000 euros), the crowning achievement of the famous German manufacturer founded in 1901. The M.G.F. Triumph Fiddaman was originally purchased as a new experimental model in 1969 by racer Jean Bouquin, who ran it in 500 and 650 classes until 1975 (estimate 22,000 – 28,000 euros). Meanwhile, opening at the sensational starting bid of just 1 euro, is a 1907 motorcycle by Presto that was discovered only this year in Belgium and, for reasons of authenticity, simply cleaned and conserved. Research suggests it could be the last of its kind in Europe. The Dorotheum car expert Ernst Pilger describes it as "a jewel in original condition complete with its patina".To enjoy the last rays of the autumn sun in fine style, there’s always the iconic Jaguar E-type, a 3.8-litre, 210HP model. Said to be in excellent condition, it carries an estimate of 70,000 – 80,000 euros.

The auction also features around 400 lots of automobilia, from various publications to a child's bobsleigh by Porsche dating from the 1960s, as well as a selection of bonnet ornaments. One such item, never used and now behind glass, is a Rolls-Royce ‘Schneider Trophy’ SB6 seaplane dating from 1929-1931 (starting price 4000 euros).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will the Real Mrs. M. Joseph Miller II. Please Stand Up!

Clad in a pair of 5-inch onyx Christian Louboutin platforms and a Chanel Caviar suit the woman with the almond eyes of the orient is seated next to me at the head table. She is a known model within China and throughout East Asia and now has been hunted to head the newly acquired English Elite Model and Talent Agencies headquarters off of the coast of Xiamen, China.

During this last awards event I attend while in country, accolades are read and awards are handed out and I am asked to speak about the progress of my ventures throughout China. It is only befitting that I announce that my relationship between the Director of the Agency and myself was more than entrepreneurial and that it was time to re-introduce to the world to this striking model before us, and also ask the real Mrs. M. Joseph Miller II. to stand up!

It had seemed to take forever to work out the public relations, the good publicity and the bad publicity prior to this announcement to the world that our family was finally complete and we had negotiated not only modeling agreements, but an agreement for a lifetime partnership! I guess the icing on this cake is the 4.25 carat Tiffany round diamond, set in a diamond studded Gumuchian platinum band.

Of course all fairytales have their obstacles and mine, is the service of my country that takes me back to Europe for a while before I get to see my family again, thank God for his blessings and also modern technology that allows me to communicate with my supportive family and staff in the States, Asia and Europe; While my heart belongs to family, my spirit and body belongs to the United States Infantry!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends as researched by M. Joseph Miller II.

Continued from October 11, 2009

6. Let it Slide
Run a slideshow of images from the ceremony and cocktail hour from your photographer's laptop and project them on a screen during dinner. Guests will love looking at what they just experienced, and they'll have plenty to talk about at the tables.

After the Reception ...

7. Go Digital

Instead of mounting a few photos on a wall in traditional frames, display a bunch in a single digital frame. Upload multiple images from a memory card or your computer and watch a slideshow of your day. You can even add music. It makes a great gift too.

8. Book 'Em
Skip the traditional album (the one with thick-as-cardboard, single-photo pages) in favor of high-quality coffee table books, like AsukaBooks. The images are printed on paper, and the layout is more like what you'd see in a magazine. Opt for a leather-bound or Lucite-covered book for a classic look that's less stuffy than a traditional album.

9. Learn to Preserve
Enlarging some final prints on museum-quality, fiber-based, silver paper will definitely be worth the purchase down the road when your precious memories are still intact. "A photograph on this paper could last for several hundred years," says Jen Kroll, a photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When archiving your photos and negatives, choose acid-free boxes, negative-sleeves, and binders. They're pricey, but the absence of acid prevents your photos from yellowing or deteriorating.

KEEP POSTED, AND I'LL HAVE MORE INTERESTING STORIES FROM MY PREVIOUS TRAVEL LOGS. You didn't think i was done, after all I believe we did leave off in the East. Be sure to keep checking in and I'll bring you to a close on the east and start giving you the scoop on he "In between" These are just the things i do, keep positive and write about the good even if i am in the middle of uncertainty.

Monday, October 12, 2009

English Elite Club Model and Talent Agency, An M. Joseph Miller II. Company

XIAMEN, CHINA, October 12, 2009 /Press Release/ --

The leading model agency will provide promotional staff for fashion shows, photo shoots, motor sports events or a specific promotion in Xiamen or anywhere across China.

About English Elite Club Model and Talent Agency (EEC)

EEC is one of China's leading model agencies. Based in Xiamen, China they work with male and female models, artists and partner agencies around the globe, including London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

The leading Xiamen model agency also has a talent division which provides small or large quantities of extras, presenters and actors to the television, commercial and film industry in Xiamen, China, Europe and North America.
EEC represents elite men and woman models. They invest their time and develop their models throughout the models career to provide a service second to none to their clients in Xiamen and across the world.
For more information on the English Elite Club Model and Talent Agency please contact M. Joseph Miller II. or comment.
The English Elite Club Model and Talent Agency is one of China's leading model agencies. Based in Xiamen, China they work with male and female models, artists and partner agencies around the globe, including London, Los Angeles New York and Paris.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends as researched by M. Joseph Miller II.

Continued from October 9, 2009

3. Head to the City
Engagement cityscape shoots are popular because of the iconic quality of posing by recognizable landmarks. No skyline? Shooting against an urban brick wall can convey the same message. Use your favorite image in your save-the-dates or, for instant reception decor, blow up one of the pictures, mat it, and set it on an easel near the escort cards. Display other shots in your table cards.

During the Reception ...

4. Ditch the Formality

Try some casual shots, like the bride sitting on a staircase right after the ceremony, breathing a sigh of relief, with champagne at her feet. Or consider finding an "unofficial" setting. If your reception is at a country club, take pics on the golf course. Ask your photographer to get candids of your group making their way there. It's those between-the-moments photos that always turn out best.

5. Go Behind the Curtain
Rent a photo booth and a technician to troubleshoot. Have guests tape wacky shots next to their messages in the guest book. Or create a DIY photo studio in a section of the reception room. Hang a nine-foot-wide seamless paper for a backdrop and bring a printer so guests can take photos home.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mr. B. Insane Obama!

Are you mad man? I believe this to be the President of promisses, the man who has appointed more czars to the office than any other President, the man who even after taking office continues to campaign!


Saturday, October 10th this stranger to the house made yet another promise.

"I will end 'don't ask-don't tell,'" Obama said to a standing ovation from the crowd of about 3,000 at the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay civil rights advocacy group. Obama reaffirmed his commitment to end the ban, but did not give a timetable or the specifics that some activists have called for.

NO I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS MAN.........I SAY AGAIN....M. JOSEPH MILLER II. does not agree with his policy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends as researched by M. Joseph Miller II.

We all know that Spring is the high of the season for fashion, and weddings, June being the favorite month of them all in the West, but this year saw September 9th as the big day for a larger percentage of newlyweds, mostly because of the date itself, 09-09-09. These three numbers together in many Eastern cultures signify eternity, longevity, or whatever. In any case I've done some research and found a few things that some brides and grooms to be for the future might find interesting, keep reading, and what i find most fascinating is that these tips fit everyones tastes. Keep a look over the next few days.

Brides and grooms are using photography in innovative ways t truly make their wedding a reflection of themselves and their style. Learn about nine ways to incorporate the latest photo trends into your own wedding planning

By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer - Reposted by : M. Joseph Miller II.

A wedding photo is meant to preserve your fabulous day for the rest of your life — it's not just your new profile pic on Facebook after all! But nuptial shots can look stiff and boring if you're not careful — or worse, just like everyone else's. How can you make them unique? Here are new photography ideas that'll take you from pre-to post- "I do."

Before the Reception ...
1. Become the Center of Attention

Instead of flowers, fill photo cubes with different shots from your dating history or world travels and then use them as table centerpieces. It's a great conversation-starter and a nice way for guests to learn more about the early stages of your relationship. And unlike fresh blooms, you can decorate your home with these afterward.

2. Be the Favors
Have your photo imprinted on cookies and leave one at each place setting. Opt for a black-and-white, vintage-looking image so it doesn't come out cheesy. Wrap the cookie in wax paper and tie with a ribbon. Then let guests eat their hearts out — and your faces off!

To be continued....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

M. Joseph Miller II. Fashion Research for F[all]!!!

Bright Coat

WHY WE LOVE IT This is normally where you lean toward neutral, right? Yet, as the only garment this season where colors pop with a fruity vivacity, the belted coat is fall's wardrobe punchup, eye-catching without extravagance.

HOW TO WEAR IT Don't put up any competition. Black, navy, or beige underneath is how to best highlight these coats. Work that belt—keep it tied. It creates a V shape between the wide lapels that's a stunning face-framer wherever you go.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

M. Joseph Miller II. & Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Ironically enough I, M. Joseph Miller II. was once asked this question at a galla in Beverly hills by the one and only Mr. Blackwell.

"What's Your Fall Fashion Must-Have?"

But obviously others continue a tradition started by the man himself as Ms. Warner asks the same question of Zoe Saldana.


"I've never been a leather person but I'm very into wearing leather pants this year. I also saw these amazing Versace booties that drove me insane."

—Reporting by Kara Warner

Re- Posted by M. Joseph Miller II.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Christopher Savoie, Dad Jailed in Japan for Child Rescue, (M. Joseph Miller II, Supports you.)

NEW YORK (CBS) "I’m so scared," Christopher Savoie told CNN Thursday in a jailhouse interview, speaking only in Japanese as per prison guidelines. "I don’t know how long I’ll be in here," he added.

Christopher Savoie, 38, is imprisoned in Japan for kidnapping his children while they were walking to school with their mother Norika Savoie. But Christopher Savoie contends that his ex-wife Norika is the real kidnapper. Back in August, she snatched the children from America and fled to Japan even though Christopher had been granted full custody by an American court. So who is the real kidnapper?

"I want Americans to know what's happening to me," Christopher Savoie said CNN’s Kyung Lah. "I didn't do anything wrong. Children have the right to see both parents. It's very important for my children to know both parents." CBS News has been unable to reach Norika Savoie. In the 15 minutes allowed for the interview, Christopher Savoie spoke about Japan's laws on parental kidnapping, noting that the government has sided with his estranged wife.

"Japanese people think she's the victim here," Savoie said. "In the States, my ex-wife is the one who's in the wrong." Savoie appeared tired and worn out from the ordeal, according to CNN. With tears in his eyes, Savoie gave a message for his two children, Rebecca, 6, and Isaac, 8. "I love you, Isaac, Rebecca," he told the reporter. "Your daddy loves you forever. I'll be patient and strong until the day comes that I can see you both again. I am very sorry that I can't be with you." The interview was almost cut short, says CNN, after Savoie blurted out in English: "I love you," a statement intended for his current wife, Amy, who is in Tennessee.

At the end of the heart-wrenching interview, Savoie bowed and through the glass divider gave a thumbs up and mouthed the words, "Thank you," according to CNN.


"You have my support Mr. Savoie!"

I believe that the efforts of our Government were wasted on the likes of two particular reporters who were "Detained" in North Korea a few months back, instead, we should be supporting and assisting true citizens like Mr. Savoie in his endeavors to be reunited with his family!

- M. Joseph Miller II.