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Sunday, October 11, 2009

9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends as researched by M. Joseph Miller II.

Continued from October 9, 2009

3. Head to the City
Engagement cityscape shoots are popular because of the iconic quality of posing by recognizable landmarks. No skyline? Shooting against an urban brick wall can convey the same message. Use your favorite image in your save-the-dates or, for instant reception decor, blow up one of the pictures, mat it, and set it on an easel near the escort cards. Display other shots in your table cards.

During the Reception ...

4. Ditch the Formality

Try some casual shots, like the bride sitting on a staircase right after the ceremony, breathing a sigh of relief, with champagne at her feet. Or consider finding an "unofficial" setting. If your reception is at a country club, take pics on the golf course. Ask your photographer to get candids of your group making their way there. It's those between-the-moments photos that always turn out best.

5. Go Behind the Curtain
Rent a photo booth and a technician to troubleshoot. Have guests tape wacky shots next to their messages in the guest book. Or create a DIY photo studio in a section of the reception room. Hang a nine-foot-wide seamless paper for a backdrop and bring a printer so guests can take photos home.

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