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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will the Real Mrs. M. Joseph Miller II. Please Stand Up!

Clad in a pair of 5-inch onyx Christian Louboutin platforms and a Chanel Caviar suit the woman with the almond eyes of the orient is seated next to me at the head table. She is a known model within China and throughout East Asia and now has been hunted to head the newly acquired English Elite Model and Talent Agencies headquarters off of the coast of Xiamen, China.

During this last awards event I attend while in country, accolades are read and awards are handed out and I am asked to speak about the progress of my ventures throughout China. It is only befitting that I announce that my relationship between the Director of the Agency and myself was more than entrepreneurial and that it was time to re-introduce to the world to this striking model before us, and also ask the real Mrs. M. Joseph Miller II. to stand up!

It had seemed to take forever to work out the public relations, the good publicity and the bad publicity prior to this announcement to the world that our family was finally complete and we had negotiated not only modeling agreements, but an agreement for a lifetime partnership! I guess the icing on this cake is the 4.25 carat Tiffany round diamond, set in a diamond studded Gumuchian platinum band.

Of course all fairytales have their obstacles and mine, is the service of my country that takes me back to Europe for a while before I get to see my family again, thank God for his blessings and also modern technology that allows me to communicate with my supportive family and staff in the States, Asia and Europe; While my heart belongs to family, my spirit and body belongs to the United States Infantry!

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