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Friday, October 7, 2011

Move out of the Way Lincoln Lawyer.

Bentleys Mulsanne Executive Interior is my rolling boardroom of choice!!!

There was a time when I tried my best to keep up with the Joneses or at least the other executives in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. I opened offices in Downtown, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and even Malibu in the pursuit of the mighty client, (I bet you thought I was going to say dollar!) Well, with the client comes the dollar and of course with that...power, more specifically the power to choose what exotic beauty you push the pedal of and which one allows you to take her to dinner, no pun intended! You'll get neither without the money and the power. I digress; with all of that and the fact that I worked for myself I found that I still commuted to my clients, after all most of them were captains of industry or at the very least, Trust-fund Babies and didn’t appreciate schlepping to me, a lowly consultant to get advice or management instruction. So thus it began, me working out of the back of my Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar whichever had petrol in it that morning and was closest to the garage door. I found that I was buying mini-shredders and portable printers, even the first of the super-mini laptops. I invested in a switchboard that allows my office calls to be routed anyplace in the world....literally at the push of a button, all from my backseat.

This was all before the onset, local demand and availability of the LED screens and monitors we see in the rear of every teens car driving down the Sunset or Las Vegas strip.

Bentley has created a specially-tailored interior for its flagship Mulsanne model, which allows passengers to continue working while being whisked across the country.
The top-end Mulsanne is equipped with a variety of business, comfort and entertainment features, giving the owner the opportunity to conduct business or relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Facilities include two Apple iPad workstations integrated into the rear seat folding tables, as well as a large retractable LED screen connected to an Apple Mac Mini computer. The extra work required to turn the Mulsanne into a boardroom on wheels is approximately 170 hours.

Press Text: Jan Richter
Blog Article Text: M Joseph Miller II.

Photos: Bentley & M. Joseph Miller II