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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Documentary says serial killer involved in Simpson case

A criminal profiler says paintings by convicted killer Glen Rogers suggest he was involved in the 1994 murders of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.
TAMPA, Fla. — A documentary about an inmate on Florida's death row says the convicted killer might have been involved in the murder of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife and her friend.
The Investigation Discovery show, "My Brother the Serial Killer," will air Wednesday.
The film is a look at Glen Rogers, who was convicted by a Florida jury in 1997 for killing a woman. Rogers was also convicted of murder in California and is a suspect in homicides in several other states.
Rogers met Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994 when he was living in Southern California, his family says in the documentary.
A criminal profiler in the film says he received paintings by Rogers with clues possibly linking him to the murders of Simpson's ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman.
Simpson was accused in those killings but the so-called "trial of the century" in Los Angeles ended with his acquittal in 1995.
Simpson never testified at the criminal trial, but memorably demonstrated in court that a glove found near the slaying scene did not fit his hand. He testified at length in a wrongful death trial that led a Los Angeles civil court jury in 1997 to find him liable for damages in the case.
Much of the film is narrated by Rogers' brother, Clay Rogers, who used to rob homes with Glen as a teen but called police on his brother in 1993 after finding a body at the family's Kentucky cabin.
Clay Rogers said that in 1994, his brother told him about meeting Nicole Brown Simpson.
"They've got money, they're well off and I'm taking her down," Clay Rogers recalls Glen Rogers saying.
Other family members also said Glen Rogers talked about meeting Simpson's ex-wife.
In a statement, Goldman's sister criticized the new documentary.
"I am appalled at the level of irresponsibility demonstrated by the network and the producers of this so-called documentary," Kim Goldman said. "This is the first time we are hearing about this story, and considering that their 'main character,' Glen Rogers, confessed to stabbing my brother and Nicole to death, you would think we would be in the loop."
Simpson is currently serving a prison sentence in Nevada after being convicted in 2008 of leading five men, including two with guns, in a September 2007 confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers and a middleman at a Las Vegas casino-hotel.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving! Now that the day is officially over and the shopping is really getting into full gear…what should we really be thankful for? As Americans, regardless of our differences in race, religion and politics, we should be thankful for the fact that we are indeed AMERICAN!

Regardless of what you may be thankful for I’m thankful, (contrary) to popular belief for some very simple things….Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sister, Uncles, Aunts, Great Uncles, Great Aunts, and nephews, the fact that no matter if I was able to visit them all, they are all safe and alive and healthy!

Most of all, of all the things I am thankful for the most are my family, I mean my immediate family the family that I really worry about…the family that stands by me through thick and thin, through hardships and happy times, through uncertainty and most of all through all the minutes, days, weeks, months and in some cases years of being apart. THE WOMAN that stands by my side whether near, but mostly (unfortunately) from afar NO MATTER what…for the fact that they love me, that she loves me and that the little one loves a father that she has yet to be able to hug. FOR THIS I AM THANKFUL, for this I continue to work to be together for the rest of my life!

You all know who you are and you’re all in my heart no matter what it may seems at times and no matter how busy I may be!

With love, forever….
Your, Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband and father.

- M. Joseph Miller II. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BLACK FRIDAY...Always has been and always will be better than Monday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


President Obama:
I was very disappointed, and frankly, angered, by your press conference where you said you plan to push an illegal-alien amnesty through Congress early next year.
With all the problems this country has, I can't believe this is how you want to start!
People who broke our laws by coming here should not be rewarded by allowing them to keep jobs they have no right to.
More than 20 million Americans cannot find full-time jobs. These are the people who we should be helping.
You were re-elected to help the American people. An amnesty will harm millions. Please re-think this. I oppose amnesty.
M Joseph Miller II..