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Monday, August 16, 2010

You can't judge a book by its cover!

Once upon a time I was applauded for being attracted to women who wore little or no makeup at all. The natural look, well if she has natural beauty then why not. I will admit that while a good percent of me felt this way about makeup and that being the reason, another large portion of me was practical if not but too honest in believing that makeup in todays use is more often used to cover up something other than enhance features as it was in the past in that having been said, this is a very good reason to be careful when meeting and then pursuing a woman that wears makeup.

I've often said that it makes no sense that women will get breast implants, wear makeup, fake nails and fake hair and insist on only dating a "real" man!

By slowly scrolling down from the first photo to the last one, you’ll realize the true power of make-up in the right hands.....[and this maybe why we bail in the morning without calling!]

Bottom line: Make-up is powerful stuff!