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Monday, July 19, 2010

Series on SHOES! SHOES! SHOES!*&^%^&#$^% Women love shoes; who loves women? THAT GUY…M. Joseph Miller II.

This Series of twelve fashion designs in the ladies shoe department catches our eye as English Elite Couture introduces one design after another; a new each month, Enjoy!

Inverted Heel Shoes, by Marc Jacobs

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday M. Joseph Miller II.

President, Chief Executive and Director of Legal Affairs,
HGMB Family of companies, including,
M & A Management, At Your Service,
Les Maison De La Beaute Gold,
EEC Couture and EEC model & Talent Agency

He’s most famous for his Politics and “Grey’ Law opinions and influence on his clients and associates, fashion and style. but M. Joseph Miller II, who will be 34 this month, was just as stylish from the time he left Las Vegas for Beverly Hills, California and even now as his network or companies has expanded throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

Articles written about him in the Las Vegas Review Journal and Sun newspapers in his earliest years in business, law and politics notes that the teenager brought class and charm to the world of up in coming entrepreneurs from his days as the Nevada State President of Future Business Leaders of America and “Trial by Peers” Programs as he was always “Clad in a suit”. (6B, Las Vegas Review Journal/ Fri, Feb 25, 1994)
The stern and convincing quality of his voice …the part shaved into the left side of his hair since infancy and his classic Churchill like stature, cigar in hand, subtle smile for the camera and brisk walk down the Las Vegas Strip and Rodeo Drive. Known for his immaculate style, M. Joseph Miller II. has been admired by young men and many a lady around the world, not only since his first years in fashion, but also now. Miller’s classic, clean suits, vests, braces and powerful look has given him the status of a world-renowned Consultant and Agent.

As a young adult, he protected his clients reputation from critics and his family from the prying eyes of the press even at the sacrifice of his own name. He’s gone on to marry a beautiful Chinese model and raises his child abroad.
After studying at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, The University of California Los Angeles M. Joseph Miller II learned to ride english style at the Traditional Equitation School in Burbank and began studies abroad in China, while working in Europe and the Middle East, strengthening his love for business and fashion. After college, he worked as assistants to successful Los Angeles employment lawyer, “The Million dollar man”, Criminal Defense Lawyers such as the one and only man who exclaimes “Friends don’t let friends plead guilty.”

He has gone on to meet the likes of men like Mr. Blackwell, the creator the the “Best and Worst” dressed list. Mr. Miller was personally named best dressed at a Beverly Hills event by Mr. Blackwell that same year.
After a glamorous life in Sin City and the City of Angels he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served his country briefly in the Iraq war before being injured in an explosion planted by terrorists, but controlled by the forces he trained and fought with.

To this day, Miller has continued his upbeat character, and influence on entrepreneurial skills, fashion and style. For the young man that has dined, drank and lounged with politicians, celebrities notorious and infamous as well as dignitaries and models he continues his phoenix like essence; starting the year introducing his new creation and design “Windows on Time”, an altered classical French cuff that allows the wearer to wear his wristwatch over the first fold of the cuff. By placing the watches band through the EEC tailor added band holes and clasping. This allows the remainder of the French cuff to be folded back over the watch where EEC has surgically cut an opening of the top fold of the cuff, allowing the wearer and admirers of fine timepieces to see the beautiful face of the watch. This new design accomplishes a number of goals, of the many this prevents the watch face from prematurely fraying the end of the shirts cuff, it also protects the band from oils of the skin and other impurities that may stain the delicate yet sophisticated leather and natural metal bands that adorn most exotic watches. Last but not least, we no longer have to suffer the obvious "flossing" of the wearer as he indiscreetly but on purpose throws his arm in the air to get a glimpse of the time, allowing the world to envy his new Vacheron Constintin, Gucci or Rolex. ;) Look for more information and buzz in the upcoming seasons about Millers' "Windows on Time". At the present this design is only available through Mr. Miller by contacting the houses management team at M & A Management. Drafts of the designs will be available in the near future.

For more information of the "Windows On Time" shirt and designs, call:
M & A Management for English Elite Club, Couture at
(888) 449-5841 ext 1
(310) 499-4447 ext 1