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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashion Paris/Shanghai ending 2009!

It’s so wonderful to see that such publicity is had by the negative comments about a man who has such a keen eye for fashion. I believe that the majority of negative postings are from those who may be fashion challenged. I also think that the majority of the negative posters are those of whom hate the fact that the man speaks his mind and does not bullsh!t people by pretending that being portly or lets face it FAT is okay, its unhealthy.

Finally before you comment about how unhealthy it is to be thin...I do believe the world pays more for the overweight than the underweight, I do believe there are more deaths that are a direct result of obesity than anorexia...not saying that either is okay. Billions of dollars in "emergency" medical care is wasted because someone can’t put down the big mac and does not have his/her own health insurance. So lets fix the bigger problem....lets not make clothing that was meant for a healthy or slender woman or man fit a wale and maybe, just maybe it will be more of an incentive to loose a few pounds....since education does not work and fashion and fad seems to be the way to go. Fashion and fad can help make America healthy again!

And lets face it....there is just not enough material to go around "a fat body that is!".

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Is It ! No wait, I meant...

Photo by: Christina Baraney/Getty Images

“I’ll be back”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
“They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist…” – Gen. John Sedgwick
“Go away…I’m all right.” – H.G. Wells
“Friends applaud, the comedy is over.” – Ludwig von Beethoven
“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” – Former U.S. Pres. William Clinton

As in business and real estate, “Location, location, location” is a common belief that helps you survive. In theater as Shakespeare writes, “What’s in a name…” apparently quite a bit. I would guess that no other “Come back’ tours will be named “This Is It!”. It might as well have been named the “Fat Lady Sings” tour, because it was definitely OVER!

Michael Jackson, known to his fans across the globe as The King of Pop, died in Los Angeles at the young age of 50. Michael suffered a cardiac arrest at this home and paramedics were quickly called. The singer was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center only to be pronounced dead at 2:26 in the afternoon, according to People magazine.
According to a statement from the hospital, "His personal physician, who was with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate Jackson, as did paramedics who transferred him."
In the weeks leading up to his untimely death, Michael was busy preparing for yet another comeback tour titled “This Is It!” scheduled to kick off in England. In addition to a huge extended family, Michael leaves behind three kids - Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7.
Michael has left the building; a tongue in cheek reference I make as its original saying was starting when another proclaimed king exited…Elvis, Michaels predeceased former father-in law.
- M. Joseph Miller II.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KEVLAR is not just a city in the Middle East!

Every year many news "gossip" sources engage in revisiting old headlines of those of whom we've lost in the past year or decade.

Some of these stories are simply pointless, but nevertheless I will follow suit; much like the yuppies of the 80's through early 90's and now the buppies of the first decade of this century, of course I fit the later. I'll order up that same dry martini...but with a twist.

If i learned only one thing from my training in preparation to and in serving my country in this very same decade is that there are times when you KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!

1a.) if there is an armored vehicle provided, 1b.) there is a reason and 1c.) if you choose not to use it.....I remind you to reference 1a and 1b. Maybe taking advice goes by the wayside for the first female to ever lead a muslim country....maybe she would still be alive if she simply headed the advice of staying down and not that of America supporting her run for office...obviously we dont know what we get ourselves into when supporting a muslim leader a/k/a B. Obama.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, died Dec. 27, 2007 (54)Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of a former prime minister and the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country, had an interesting resume. Twice she was voted prime minister, in 1988 and 1993, and each time she was removed by the president (which apparently extended her life span both times) after allegations of corruption. In 1998 she moved to Dubai, but in the fall of 2007, at the urging of the U.S. and other countries, she returned to Pakistan to run again.

She had addressed a rally and was driving away in a bulletproof vehicle on Dec. 27 when she stood up through the sunroof to wave to the crowd. Shots were fired, a bomb went off and she was fatally wounded. (Huum, this makes me think)

AGAIN....USE THE EQUIPMENT GIVEN TO YOU! THE US MILITARY HAS ADVISED ME OF THIS MANY TIMES....maybe when the U.S. urged her participation in politics they forgot to add what I've been advised on my level of dragooness. Toujours Pret!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Millers are 28th on Rich list!

From the archive

THE Miller family has been named the 28th wealthiest in property in the UK, worth an estimated GBP498m, according to the Estates Gazette Rich List published today. Keith Miller, 56, is chief executive of the Edinburgh-based construction empire still 92-per cent owned by the Miller family. Last year Miller Group posted record pre-tax profits of GBP52.5m on sales of GBP752m, giving it 25-per cent compound annual growth in profits for the past five years, and is valued by Estates Gazette at more than GBP520m.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blasts rock downtown Baghdad, killing 4

updated 1:43 a.m. ET Dec. 15, 2009
Associated Press

BAGHDAD - A series of car bombs ripped through downtown Baghdad early Tuesday, killing four people and wounding as many as 15 near the heavily fortified Green Zone, Iraqi police officials said.
At least three explosions were set off within minutes of each other, shortly after 7:30 a.m., the two police officials said. Thick clouds of black smoke could be seen lingering over the area.
The two police officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.
U.S. military spokesman Army Lt. Brian Wierzbicki, said at three or four explosions occurred outside the Green Zone, the heavily fortified area in the center of Baghdad that houses the U.S. Embassy as well as the Iraqi prime minister's office. He did not have any immediate reports of casualties.
The explosions came a week after suicide bombers targeted government buildings in a series of attacks that killed 127 people.
Two of Tuesday's bombings detonated near the Iraqi government's Foreign and Immigration ministries; a third went off near the Iranian embassy, the police officials said. It was not clear whether those buildings were the targets. The Foreign Ministry was targeted in August in a devastating series of bombings targeting government buildings.
Cameraman hurtThe blasts came at the start of the Iraqi workday, and as a group of journalists waited outside the Green Zone for a government-sponsored trip to a refugee camp near the Iranian border. One cameraman was injured in the explosions, but it was not immediately clear who he worked for or the extent of his injuries, said an Associated Press reporter at the scene.
"I had just left my house to go to my school when the big explosion took place," said 12-year-old Mohammed Hussein, who lives nearby. "My father shouted at me to go back home. There is no need for school today."

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I can only give you love that lasts forever, And the promise to be near each time you call,
and the only heart I own for you and you alone, that’s all, that’s all.

I can only give you country walks in Springtime and a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall and a love whose burning light will warm the winter night, that’s all, that’s all.

There are those, I am sure who have told you they would give you the world for a toy, all I have are these arms to enfold you and a love time can never destroy.

If you’re wondering what I’m asking in return, dear you’ll be glad to know that my demands are small, say it’s me that you’ll adore, for now and evermore, that’s all, that’s all.