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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashion Paris/Shanghai ending 2009!

It’s so wonderful to see that such publicity is had by the negative comments about a man who has such a keen eye for fashion. I believe that the majority of negative postings are from those who may be fashion challenged. I also think that the majority of the negative posters are those of whom hate the fact that the man speaks his mind and does not bullsh!t people by pretending that being portly or lets face it FAT is okay, its unhealthy.

Finally before you comment about how unhealthy it is to be thin...I do believe the world pays more for the overweight than the underweight, I do believe there are more deaths that are a direct result of obesity than anorexia...not saying that either is okay. Billions of dollars in "emergency" medical care is wasted because someone can’t put down the big mac and does not have his/her own health insurance. So lets fix the bigger problem....lets not make clothing that was meant for a healthy or slender woman or man fit a wale and maybe, just maybe it will be more of an incentive to loose a few pounds....since education does not work and fashion and fad seems to be the way to go. Fashion and fad can help make America healthy again!

And lets face it....there is just not enough material to go around "a fat body that is!".

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