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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends as researched by M. Joseph Miller II.

Continued from October 11, 2009

6. Let it Slide
Run a slideshow of images from the ceremony and cocktail hour from your photographer's laptop and project them on a screen during dinner. Guests will love looking at what they just experienced, and they'll have plenty to talk about at the tables.

After the Reception ...

7. Go Digital

Instead of mounting a few photos on a wall in traditional frames, display a bunch in a single digital frame. Upload multiple images from a memory card or your computer and watch a slideshow of your day. You can even add music. It makes a great gift too.

8. Book 'Em
Skip the traditional album (the one with thick-as-cardboard, single-photo pages) in favor of high-quality coffee table books, like AsukaBooks. The images are printed on paper, and the layout is more like what you'd see in a magazine. Opt for a leather-bound or Lucite-covered book for a classic look that's less stuffy than a traditional album.

9. Learn to Preserve
Enlarging some final prints on museum-quality, fiber-based, silver paper will definitely be worth the purchase down the road when your precious memories are still intact. "A photograph on this paper could last for several hundred years," says Jen Kroll, a photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When archiving your photos and negatives, choose acid-free boxes, negative-sleeves, and binders. They're pricey, but the absence of acid prevents your photos from yellowing or deteriorating.

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