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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pay Your Bill Please!

1.) Obama Phones
2.) Obamacare
3.) Free Community College
4.) Paid sick leave
Question...SHOW ME THE MONEY!?! Where is it coming from? As a legal expert & Executive Analyst (Because unless you specialize in Family Law, you cant call yourself a "Specialist") I'll tell you where. From the blood, sweat and hard work of the middle class. You see the "poor" cant afford to contribute and the "Rich" pay people like me to legally find a way to either reduce or avoid all together paying for additional taxes, corporate and otherwise. 

On the Oscars Mr. Sharpton, is there a possibility that just this time in
as many years as I can remember that there just wasn't any brown actors good enough that were cast? I mean for goodness sake, Denzel Washington hasn't done anything lately, neither has Will Smith for that matter, Bill Cosby has a new project, but has been all but blackballed because of 40 year old trumped up allegations against him that I can only assume are to get press, and Oprah Winfrey, well; lets say this new movie...of which I cant recall the name, is no modern day version of the Color Purple! People, I'm just speaking the truth
that few people dare to and definitely no one of color will, out of fear of being labeled an "Uncle Tom". Is that term used anymore? Political Correctness be damned. If my daughter isn't the prettiest little girl in the competition, then don't give her the crown. If my son or future son isn't the best ball player, then he doesn't deserve a trophy! In the real world, when they grow up....only the winners and hard workers get the big bucks. Can we stop raising welfare cases and pussies. Yes I said it, PUSSIES! Also, lets make ENGLISH the National language and stop catering to other languages....I personally know that other
countries don't cater to us like we them, Lets make a law that requires that if you should fly a Mexican flag or any flag other than an American one....that its mandated that you also fly an American flag and that it either be larger or raised higher than any other! Finally, ladies; I, like others welcome and applaud your service in the Armed Forces, but lets face it....the majority of you are NOT as strong and cannot endure as men in the trenches and will actually suffer from serious hygiene ailments if you try to live on a rooftop in Baghdad or in a cave
in Afghanistan in the 130 degree heat for days on end without bathing such as I and many of my fellow soldiers did and continue to do...SO, no Army ranger for you! (A take from the soup Nazi from Personally, you can unlike me, unfollow me, unfriend me or what have you if you disagree, yet another right you have in this GREAT nation of ours America. It will not take food out of my families mouth. In addition, can we elect a President again that has
AMERICAS and its citizens, Legal citizens interests at heart? Finally, only add your two cents if its going towards the bill...not if your taking from the till!

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