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Monday, January 26, 2015

"Inside Information"

From the Book of Inside Information:

Withholding Credit Card Payments!

Disgruntled consumers may be able to withhold payment on a credit card they used to purchase goods or services that proved sub-standard. This is a result of a provision of the Fair Credit Billing Act which enables the credit card companies to reclaim disputed amounts from merchants after credit card slips are signed.

Four conditions must be met for a consumer to be entitled to withhold credit card payments:

1.) The amount of the charge must be more than $50. 

2.) The charge must be made within the customer's home state or within 100 miles of the customer's home. 
3.) The customer must first attempt to settle the dispute with the merchant directly.

4.) The customer must give the bank that issued the card written notice that the attempt to settle has failed.

How it works: when the bank receives the customers notice, it credits the account with the amount of the charge. It then charges this amount back to the bank that serves the merchant. The bank then charges the merchant. This provision of the law has been little publicized by the banks and credit card companies. Reason: They fear that if too many customers take advantage of this feature of the law merchants will begin to refuse credit cards.

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