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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Style of M. Joseph Miller II.

I refuse to allow the challenges of life completely alter my life and path of which I am on, this is why I am getting back onto that path of which I started oh so many months they travel stories or those of fashion. This one is one of fashion.

A few days ago, I was walking to brunch when I ran across an old friend I met in Germany a few years ago, we had not seen one another in some time and started a conversation, one that lead us to enjoy the mornings meal together. He had remembered that my sense of fashion and style was more astute than that of others particularly the others in the immediate surroundings of which we had met; and so he mentioned to me that he had purchased a couple of suits of clothing and a few shirts that he wanted my opinion on.

I obliged and later met him at his place to peruse his new wears. Clearly his sense of style leaned more towards that of Crocket and Tubs, we both joked, of course neither of us could agree as to which version of the pair he had taken cue, the 80’s or the more recent duo as portrayed by Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.

One suit, black with three buttons and the other grey, so far so good….the material, of the black one was, as I recall not silk or wool, but suitable, the other of better quality maybe even in the “super 150” category, not the best, but still quite nice for starters. He then showed me something I was surprised to see, a white French-cuffed dress shirt, ahhhh how refreshing a dash of sophistication abounds at last even though he mentioned that he has yet to purchase a pair of links.

I was about to get into detail about how to pair these suits and what not to wear with them when he introduced to me what he considered the pièce de résistance!

One black shirt and one white shirt and one red “Pure Silk.” As he exclaimed. Now surely many of you may wonder, what the problem, silk is the best, isn’t it? Well, for men, a silk suit may be ok, especially if your a member of the "family", as for the shirts, their better left for after ten at night no business meetings in a silk shirt. \

As red...its just a NO-GO, unless your going to your prom and your matching your dates bow. Otherwise lets leave the silk red dress shirts for the latin dance instructors! Be very careful with the solid color silk shits as it will be hard to match them to a suit or tie, I mean the black silk shirt will probably only go with a black silk tie and as for the white silk shirt, the contrast of being shiny white itslef, should just be left alone and worn without a tie altogether.

I can only go into so many to do's and not to do's in this session, but if anyone has any specific questions, dont hesitate to comment or ask. Until next time, where what you like and feel good in it, the most important thing is that you like it!

- M. Joseph Miller II.

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