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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The "Mack", the Survivor!

As I have travelled many a distance and mastered many a task, I've found that the envy of others is not something that I should worry about. I will admit that there has been times that I have been jealous of another, I'm not saying it to be a bad thing, in fact even though I have been jealous of others in the past, I've never been envious of anyone! For me, jealousy has helped me choose the right path and often become successful no matter who got in my way, if someone says it not true...I prove that it is; if someone says its not possible, I assure them that it is. To be jealous gives me the drive to achieve a goal, but being envious is to know that you will never succeed in acquiring what another has.

"Any news is good news" this of course relating to celebrity and the fact that if rumors start circulating about you, at least your being talked about! Keep talking keep the rumor mill flowing, I will continue to prosper from the publicity as always.

I have found myself at the top of the mountain only to have been knocked over the cliff by an errand gust of wind or someone else’s error; I have helped others on their way up, I've supported others when no one else would, I have even provided courage to some when they themselves failed to sustain the will to continue. An in so doing I will always survive, I do not give up, I will not quit, I am an American soldier in both senses of the word, that was taught to me by my Christian Baptist Grandmother each time we went to church, all the way into my adulthood from my commanders and leaders in my Unit in the infantry!

I am a survivor, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes of failure to reinvent myself and fly to my next destination. I again refuse to quit and will persevere to fight for my families’ survival and to train alongside my fellow comrades in preparation for yet another great battle of which we will remain victorious!

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