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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Original Team O.J. -- Where Are They Now?

With O.J. Simpson having faced sentencing in my hometown of Las Vegas on charges of armed robbery, what better occasion for a retrospective on the lawyers involved in O.J.'s landmark trial of the century but to spend this Cocktail Hour smoking a Cuban cigar and sipping a nice bourbon in the company of friends and a beautiful woman in a pair of black stiletto heels, and wearing a "short" dress, in my favorite color red/burgundy, but I digress.
While at cocktail hour we check in on the status of those who found their 15 minutes of fame (some more, some less) as players in the first O.J. trial.
As you've probably heard in his radio ads, O.J. team leader Robert Shapiro helped found a legal document preparation company with problems of its own. Johnnie Cochran published a memoir of his life, and then sadly passed away in 2005. Heavy hitter F.Lee Bailey faced another kind of death: He was disbarred from the Florida bar, and then the Massachusetts bar in 2001 and 2002 respectively. As for the prosecutors, Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, both have authored books.
Lance Ito, the celebrity-struck judge, still sits in courtroom 110 in the Los Angeles Superior Court, waiting (or not) for another high profile case.
Bitter Lawyer ends its list with news from a non-lawyer, L.A.'s most famous house guest, Kato Kaelin. But honestly, did you really need to know?
As for some of those law students at the time, namely myself who found themselves awestruck while being hired by both firms to sift through mounds of evidence and draft pages upon pages of research briefs; I now find myself serving my country and helping families with special needs children, still in the heart of the action, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Paris and the likes...just not as lucrative as I'd have hoped, but with my health and my family…happy nevertheless.

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