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Monday, November 16, 2015


Just joking! I still say Merry Christmas! But to those whom are of other faiths,

Happy Holidays!

All joking aside, it's that time again and this weekend will probably be one of the busiest weekends for finding the perfect tree. Luckily, I finally figured out how to PICK THE PERFECT Christmas Tree and am sharing what I learned with you!

Realizing that Scotch Pine and Douglas Fir are most popular because they are nicely shaped and retain their needle retention, many of us like the Spruce although they lose their needles quickly. Regardless of which you choose here is a little helpful tip.

Check for freshness by bending needles. They should be springy. If they break, the tree is not fresh. Bounce the butt of the tree on the ground. If needles fall off, the tree is dry. The bottom of the tree stump should be moist and sticky. The tree should have a good green color, a nice fragrant woodsy odor, be dense and have sufficient limb strength to support the ornaments planned for it.

Cleanliness: The tree should be free of foreign matter such as vines, moss, and lichen.

Shape: The butt of the tree should be clean under the lowest group of branches and cut smoothly at the bottom. There should be a full, symmetrical shape, with branches trimmed to taper toward the top.

Until the tree is to be placed in its indoor location, keep it in water in a shady area outside. Cut two inches off the bottom to help water absorption. Indoors, place the tree in a well-secured stand with a water well. Add water each day.
Happy Holidays 
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