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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We're SORRY! A CRASH in our system caused you inconvenience, lets have a cocktail to burry the Hatchet!

It’s been brought to my attention that a glitch in our database over the holiday weekend has caused our Happy Hour invitation to be sent out to a number of you multiple times. Please be assured that I do not practice the habit of spamming my friends, family, clients or associates (not even enemies, if I've forgotten to delete from my database in the first place) and truly apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused many of you. I have taken the liberty of personally deleting the invitation from the mail system and the post in its entirety so this problem should not continue to exist.
As much as I’d like all of the thousands of invitees to come down to join us for our live show….we just don’t have enough room, however if I haven’t frightened or angered you away, I still wish to get in this shameless plug, you can  still listen in to the Happy Hour show every Tuesday from 4pm-5pm and  the Legal Brief with me, Judge Miller on Fridays from 12noon-1pm on KLAVAM1230, if you’re not in the Nevada area, you can listen live online at or streaming live at
Of course, as usual, just give me a call or email, say hello, get a designated driver and JOIN ME FOR COCKTAILS. I'm buying!
Disclaimer: All statements made in this posting shall not be construed as legal advice, all statements are the opinion of the author and no statement made in reference to buying all you freeloaders who take the author up on a purely entertaining offer to buy your cocktails are true.

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