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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please consider helping to spread the word...or more!

Dearest friends,

I have recently made the acquaintance of a woman, through a mutual friend, whose family is going through a health challenge that I am quite familiar with, being a kidney donor. Her son-in-law, Patrick, is in dire need of a kidney, his dialysis treatments are becoming increasingly less effective, and without a living donor to come forward, his wait for a cadaver kidney will likely outlive him. This speaks to my heart so profoundly, as I can’t imagine this wonderful life without the wonderful Hans San Juan (my kidney recipient) in it, kicking ass and taking names.

I am spreading the word (the least I can do!), so that Patrick may have a shot at life through a living donor. My own experience being a donor was so extraordinarily wonderful, I cannot stress enough how much it saved not one life but two!

If you, or anyone you know, might even be remotely inclined to come forward to be tested to be Patrick’s donor, here are the specs that I know:

His name is Patrick F. Kelleher. He is O+ blood type.

He is registered on the National Foundation for Transplants website: NFT is a non-profit fundraising organization that displays the patient’s story and profile to the public.

A transplant surgery for him would take place at Loma Linda Hospital, right here in Southern California.

The Living Transplant Coordinator for Patrick at Loma Linda is:

Louisa Machain
909/558-3636 ext. 36802

The most expedient course of action would be to contact Louisa, who knows Patrick’s situation intimately, and would expedite everything.

Please consider spreading the word, even if it’s a cut-and-paste note to pass along on Facebook, or to your email list.

If anyone would like to speak with the woman with whom I’m acquainted, directly, I can provide you with that information.

Many blessings!


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