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Thursday, June 21, 2012

IT'S SMOKIN !!!!!!!!!

I know my avid readers are thinking this is yet another one of my articles on one of my favorite pastimes, the art of the smoke (not over exerting oneself for my military readers, or Cigars for my club chair folks) but in this issue, I'm introducing you to something we all love to do and that's save money... so here goes! You'd be better off with rather than a fat Macanudo or PADRON anyway. But if your smart, you'll take those savings from and buy you a great smoke. So here's to the BIG SMOKE!


For Immediate Release

Date: May 9th 2012

Location: Henderson, Nevada

Contact: Deborah Pirrone

Phone: 1 (702) 953-0268 or Cell 1 (702) 592-9165

Web Address:

Henderson, Nevada - May 9th 2012 America was built by innovative small businesses with big ideas. A new site called recognizes the need to help boost small businesses across the United States. That's why its Web site launch on May 9th 2012 is so important for any consumer that's seeking Red Hot Deals as well as small and large business owners who need a profitable venue to promote their merchandise.

The site's founder and CEO, Deborah Pirrone, emphasizes that her site is completely different from many online shopping deal sites. She states, "What sets us apart from other sites is that we cater to small and home based businesses as well as larger businesses that are struggling in this economy. Any business can offer many items or just a few for sale on our Web site; we won't ever drop smaller clients for national clients. Instead, we provide a venue for any size business to reach millions of potential customers with their hot deals."

Pirrone founded the site based on more than 10 years experience as a business consultant as well as her passion for businesses in the United States. She specializes in helping businesses launch and succeed, but also aids those that need to go out of business so they can receive top dollar for their remaining merchandise. Pirrone states, "I feel saddened when driving by strip malls because so many of them have only a few businesses still in operation. It just makes me want to help businesses even more. That is my passion in life!"

Last year Pirrone started a trade show venue called Community and Commerce to rejoin consumers with small businesses at prices everyone can afford. This has enabled her to help a lot of local businesses. Now she's taking this concept a step further with Community and E-commerce through her website. With low commissions, a straight-forward online selling platform and personalized help, business owners will have a place to turn to every time they need to boost sales or get rid of overstocked products.

How does the site work? It's a unique type of "daily deals" website that runs continual special offers called "Fire Sales" as well as Sizzling Deals, Get-away Deals, and more from local businesses. These sales help fuel excitement for Web shoppers because the offers and products are always changing based on the businesses that are being served by the site any given day. Business owners can feature their merchandise for sale in the "Fire Sale" to reach a broad audience of Web shoppers by location, type of product/service, etc. Fire Sales, which are designed to help a business sell off certain merchandise (whether overstock items, going out of business products or other), may last an hour, two hours, or even a day depending on how many products the business needs to sell. Besides the high volume traffic that's expected to the site, businesses can also reach an opt-in subscriber base of more than three million subscribers.

Consumers benefit by finding amazing deals with discounts of up to 90 percent for local restaurants, bars, spas, entertainment venues, health and beauty retailers, electronics retailers, fashion venues, and more. Quality merchants are hand-picked to create a pleasant and safe shopping experience. The site will also feature reviews for local restaurants, hotels, travel, etc. as well as helpful tips for businesses. It's an informational site as well as a product-driven site designed to bring consumers and businesses together with no hassles.

Pirrone says, "Difficult times demand creative solutions; our site reaches out to the community with amazing deals from businesses that make up the fiber of American culture."

About the Founder

As a Retail Business Consultant for more than 10 years, Pirrone has traveled the United States and Canada helping Mom & Pop operations as well as large corporations. She started a design company from the ground up and has taken her designs to where only a very few make it. She has a proven track record for success, with her first TV debut on one of the most popular leading electronics retailers. She has also been featured in The Vegas Guide, What's On, Nevada Women's Magazine and Readers Digest, just to mention a few.

Business owners and consumers may learn more about the site and how it works by visiting the Web address below:

For an interview or more information, please contact Deborah Pirrone by phone at 1 (702) 953-0268 or Cell 1 (702) 592-9165 or by email:

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