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Monday, May 7, 2012


What has the season brought us? The Spring of 2012 is upon us and its time to get out and mingle and network, by this I don't mean Facebook, Twitter or any other of the many many "Social" networking sites. I mean lets get out and meet people face to face and have a real conversation, one of which we can engage in idle chat and actually see a persons facial expression, have a light meal and a cocktail or three! I started the Spring off in the traditional way, the opening of the Polo season with the Will Rogers Polo Club. May 5th, marked the opening chuckers for the 2012 Polo Season for the Club. I know, I know, I could have been at the M Resort in Las Vegas for the Cinco De Mayo festivals or even spending the night watching the "Big Fight", but that's not my style, I chose a short hop over to Beverly Hills and the Pacific Palisades to bask in the sunny skies of southern California with the ocean breeze blowing over the field while I sipped a ripe mojito and puffed on a fragrant Padron cigar. I welcome you to begin to enjoy life this SPRING!

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