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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dont' be a snob!

In days long gone, "Chin up old chap" might be what was said to a sobbing child, ballroom dancer and even equestrian. A child should lift her head and not be sad, a dancer should keep great form and the same goes for an equestrian, in most cases especially when learning to ride a horse, if you lower you head/chin the horse would be inclined to just stop dead in its tracks! This can cause quite a disturbance if your not prepared.

Actually, the term snob has been attributed to those of upper class whom seemed to lift their noses as those of us in the lower echelons, but in fact this wasnt the case, I being quite the fan of ballroom dance, and English riding learned that keeping your chin up or nose up was a formality in dancing and riding both of which were known (then and know)  to be activities of the upper crust which caused them to form a habit of raising their heads while walking and conducting everyday business. It was not and intentional stance nor was it to be rude. 
I digress, Your chin should be down slightly while runway modeling. The reason for this is because every one will be sitting, looking up at you.
There will be many photographers taking pictures aimed up at you. So for your exposure aspect, you want to have good pictures taken of you so that they can be reused in magazines. You can then take these and add them to your portfolio.

So for modeling and runways reasons, forget about dancing the hours away or the country ride on horseback and for goodness sake lower that chin a bit!

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