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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Introducing "WINDOWS ON TIME", By: M. Joseph Miller II. For the Man of the TIME!

Many ideas and inventions come and go, others have simply lasted the the test of time. Fashion is one thing that continues to strive for the best and does the same. Some designers we will never know or hear of, others like my favorite, Chanel and Gucci will be in our wardrobes forever. For the discerning gentleman or the iconic hip hop artist there will never be a more long lasting signature for style than the cuff of a mans shirt. There are eight standard designs for the mans cuff and also the woman, more remnescent of the times of the gentleman would be the classic French cuff.

The brainchild of Les Maison De La Beaute, "Houses of Beauty", M. Joseph Miller II has undergone transformations of many over the years, but as most creations in design and most certainly the functional ones, the ones that do stand the test are those that are useful in addition to fashionable and trendy. Mr. Miller has spent his life doing just that, providing the world with companies and creations that are useful and not just profitable, whether it be in helping his community at a teen age with decreasing juvenile crime rates, supporting the needs of special needs children, designing jewelry that works for the night and day, getting friends out of jams or minimizing punishment, designing lesson plans to teach citizens of Asian countries English, merging with a modeling Agency or serving his country and owning up to faults that every man has and doing whats right. Whenever Mr. Miller can he finds usefulness in his time. When asked how do you come up with business ideas and creations Mr. Miller responded that most of his ideas come to him while enjoying a cigar and scotch in one of his many cigar clubs, playing golf, riding his favorite horse appropriately named "Cognac" at the Traditional Equitation Stables in Southern California, he said he often gets ideas while either traveling on a long leg flight to one of the many countries he works in, China, Germany, France etc.
This brings us to the topic of fashion again, in that Mr. Miller was not always the most frugile when it came to replacing his wardrobe. When a shoe was old and worn, they were replaced, when a shirts collar or cuff was frayed, it too was replaced. His mother once showed him the value of a dollar and the worth of saving that dollar, which is when he began to simply replace the soles and heel of those old shoes and the cuffs and collars of those shirts, instead of spending another three to four hundred dollars on another pair or shirt when there simply was no need to. There was one thing that irritated him, the cuff of his left wrist which always seemed to fray faster than any other part of the shirt. With this; English Elite Club Couture (EEC) another creation of Mr. Millers has introduced a new design to the fashion world.

The new nineth classic shirt cuff HAS ARRIVED!

"Windows On Time", an altered classical French cuff that allows the wearer to wear his wristwatch over the first fold of the cuff. By placing the watches band through the EEC tailor added band holes and clasping. This allows the remainder of the French cuff to be folded back over the watch where EEC has surgically cut an opening of the top fold of the cuff, allowing the wearer and admirers of fine timepieces to see the beautiful face of the watch. This new design accomplishes a number of goals, of the many this prevents the watch face from prematurely fraying the end of the shirts cuff, it also protects the band from oils of the skin and other impurities that may stain the delicate yet sophisticated leather and natural metal bands that adorn most exotic watches. Last but not least, we no longer have to suffer the obvious "flossing" of the wearer as he indiscreetly but on purpose throws his arm in the air to get a glimpse of the time, allowing the world to envy his new Vacheron Constintin, Gucci or Rolex. ;) Look for more information and buzz in the upcoming seasons about Millers' "Windows on Time". At the present this design is only available through Mr. Miller by contacting the houses management team at M & A Management.

For more information of the "Windows On Time" shirt and designs, call:
M & A Management for English Elite Club, Couture at
(888) 449-5841 ext 1
(310) 499-4447 ext 1

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Anonymous said...

I am Jorge i would like have more info on shirt. I live in Germany. i think this is wonderful idea and very fashion.