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Monday, April 6, 2009

China Fashion Week March 2009

For some of us living day to day in what often becomes a boring and mundane existence, the opportunity to see a glimpse of a "fashion" show on E-Entertainment television can be the highlight of a day, for others, being next to the runway is the only way!
For this politico, legal eagle/fashion connoisseur turned part time GI on a full time basis, (don't ask!) it would only do but to be present at one of the Easts most coveted fashion shows during the China Fashion Week in Beijing, before possibly having to visit a less fashionable locale such as Afghanistan!
A while back while at a dinner in Beverly Hills I sat with the re-known Mr. Blackwell, who turned to me in the middle of the second course, looked me up and down and smiled. He then asked me two questions before making a statement that would ultimately change my life. "How old are you and where were you born?" After answering he responded by informing me that he had over forty years of critiquing the wears of the wealthy, the famous and not so famous, but most importantly, those who thought they had style, of course we all recall his "Best/Worst dressed list" that every year at every party and Hollywood event people clammer to be on the best end of and ofter shutter to be listed on the worst.
Mr Blackwell ended by congratulating me for having what he called a classic style and elegance that he has not seen in many years, not put together by some personal shopper or named designer, but obviously by someone who used his own emotion and history to dress himself, afterword The Mr. Blackwell gave me a thumbs up and added me to his Best Dressed list. I only knew him for a few short years before his death, but I will never be able to forget the man, who reminded me that when all others ask me to dress down or dress comfortable....I must remember that dressing up is in fact my comfortable. This leads me to follow and create fashion and bring style to those who would ordinarily never see it, feel it or wear it; the GI, or the politico, or just the everyday person, look for styles and combinations created by me as inspired by Mr. Blackwell. Oh yeah; hears to all who participated in the Beijing China Fashion Week 2009!

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