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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

M Joseph Miller II., Grey Law, Illsue4u, Do I really have time for this?

Each day I get calls from people, some I can help, others I can't..but do anyway. I get questions that range from, "what do i do with my girlfriend when she____" others are about legal issues...most are about legal issues. I've decided to delve into my specialty. Helping others find less than normal answers or solutions to their problems. In the many years of having people hate my guts and some, very few love me. I've learned a few things....of which i will discuss over a period of time. I think I will start by saying, sometimes there are solutions to problems that may not necessarily be legal or ethical...but fal all intense purposes who cares? So from here on I'll just move forward and yes, yes, yes......I do have time for this. Ask illsue4u, Grey law or M. Joseph Miller II. all in the same.

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